Questions about FarmHouse?

People often have questions about FarmHouse or fraternity life in general, so here are some answers to questions often asked. 

What is FarmHouse?

FarmHouse is a men's collegiate fraternity founded in 1905 at the University of Missouri. Today, we have 32 chapters both in the United States and Canada. The South Dakota State Chapter was founded in 1966. The ideals and goals of our fraternity can best be described in the statement of our Object.

The Object

"The object of our fraternity is to promote good fellowship, to encourage studiousness,
and to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study, as well as in life.
Progress shall mark our every step. The spirit of congeniality shall reign at all times,
and every member shall be honest with himself, as well as with his brothers.
Men elected to our membership are considered to be of good moral character, to be high in scholarship,
to have the capacity for meeting and making friends, and to give promise of service to his fellow men,
and to the world. To be and become such may at times require sacrifices of time, pleasures, and comforts."

How do I join?

Our formal Recruitment Week is at the beginning of every semester. During Recruitment, we hold events for potential members such as a grill out, basketball, yard games, bowling, and more. This gives potential members the opportunity to check out our house and get acquainted with the active members. These events are highly recommended for those interested in joining.

What is New Member Education?

After Recruitment, we will hand out invitations to potential members for New Member Education, which meets once a week for the semester. New Member Education is designed to educate new members on the history of FarmHouse and the ideals of our fraternity. New Member Education is required to become an active member. New members are moved to "active" status the following semester assuming they have met the requirements for activation which includes a minimum semester GPA of 2.5.

Can I get out of the dorms to live in the house?

Yes, housing releases can be provided for active members who will be or currently are sophomores to leave the residence halls and move into FarmHouse. Our house is located a few blocks east of campus across from McCrory Gardens. Living in the house includes lunch 5 days a week and supper Monday through Thursday, prepared by our House Cook; a computer lab with copier, printer, and fax; wireless internet; and Swiftel Satellite television.

I've heard that fraternity houses are a drunken disaster, is yours?

Fraternities have fallen into many stereotypes, but FarmHouse holds itself to a higher standard. FarmHouse is a dry fraternity, meaning that alcohol cannot be present at any time in the house. This does not mean that its members cannot consume alcohol, only that alcohol cannot be consumed on the property. This allows us to keep our house in great shape, and avoids disturbing those who choose not to drink.

Still have questions? Any FarmHouse member can answer your questions, or see our contact information to be connected directly to the men of FarmHouse. 

Director of New Member Education:

Trenton Plaht (563) 605-0338