Meet Deb and Penny

  Deb Debates-FarmHouse House Mother

As parents of FarmHouse men or men considering membership in FarmHouse fraternity at South Dakota State University, you probably have many questions about the fraternity and fraternity life. Part of my role as housemother/resident advisor was to help answer those questions and also work with you in supporting this organization. Please feel free to give me a call at 605-692-7526 if you have any questions.

 Penny Robinson- FarmHouse House Cook

My role as the house cook involves making sure the Men of FarmHouse have nutritious meals to eat. On top of that, I also have the privilege of interacting with all in-house members as part of their weekly meal-crew responsibilities. On any given day during the school year, you can find me in the FarmHouse kitchen either helping the men prepare meals, keeping kitchen inventory, or talking with the members. 

Deb's Role

Hi, I'm Deb DeBates and I served as housemother/resident advisor at the South Dakota chapter of FarmHouse fraternity from the fall of 1992 until the spring of 2013. I lived in an apartment at the chapter house so I was available to help the men almost 24-7. Well, not quite - I was also an associate professor in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at SDSU where I worked with the family and consumer sciences education program. As housemother/resident advisor, I was there for the men to talk to, assist them with menu planning and social events, teach some social skills and etiquette so that we can maintain our role as the gentlemen on campus, proof read some papers, make treats during finals week, and whatever else they needed help with.

The FarmHouse Mom's/Parents group is one way for you to become involved in supporting your son and the fraternity. As parents of FarmHouse men, you are all considered members of this group. The group participates in two main events to support the chapter.

Moms Fund/Silent Auction

Each spring at our formal event, we invite parents not only to attend, but to also bring items for a Silent Auction. The proceeds from the Silent Auction are used by Penny Robinson, house cook and me to purchase items for the kitchen and furnishings for the house. The funds are also used to provide centerpieces for social events such as the Hobo Day Chili Feed and our graduation receptions as well as to help support treats during finals week.

I encourage all of you to attend formal and to participate in the Silent Auction by donating items or just by bidding!

Fall Clean-Up

Every fall we host a fall clean up day at the chapter house to get things ready for move-in. This is quite a task as we do a thorough cleaning of the public areas of the house especially the kitchen and dining room as well as outdoor work on the yard and the exterior of the house. Moms, dads, active members and alums are invited to help out. Come when you can, leave when you need to. We provide a lunch for everyone. Please join us if you can.