SDSU FarmHouse, January 1979-May 2015

Welcome to the old chapter house of FarmHouse. Here, there was room for 32 scholastically and morally sound young men looking to better themselves through brotherhood. 

This room served as the entryway into the chapter's house. Members could pick up their mail and admire the trophy case made by FarmHouse man Stephen Davis before heading to their destinations in the house.

In order to keep our members on top of their studies, two computers were provided for general house use. The house was also equipped with wireless internet as well as a wireless printing system that allowed for easy access to their unlimited free printing. 

The conference room served many purposes for FarmHouse. This was the meeting place of the FarmHouse Executive committee on Sunday nights, FarmHouse New Member Education on Tuesday nights, and served as a quiet study area at all other times during the week. 

This room was called the upstairs hall lounge. It was not uncommon for a conversation between two people to turn into a gathering of ten or more people enjoying each other's company. A room like this existed on both levels of the house to allow greater camaraderie within the house. 

To feed 32 or more hungry college students on a daily basis, we needed quite the kitchen. Complete with stainless steel appliances and a well stocked pantry, this kitchen was always up to the task. You might have even gotten lucky and run into our House Cook, Penny Robinson!

After the meals had been prepared, they were eaten in the dining room. This room also served as the meeting room for the regular Tuesday night meeting where the official business of FarmHouse was conducted.

After a long day of studying and a good meal, many people enjoyed relaxing and taking in their favorite TV shows or sporting events on the 50" HDTV with satellite TV.